Saturday, December 29, 2012

Every iPhone App Developer should be an App Store Affiliate

If you want to reduce Apple's cut of your app sales from 30% to 25%, all you have to do is become an App Store Affiliate. You just need to join Linkshare and signup to iTunes Affiliate to start collecting your other 5%.

The idea is that a developer becomes an affiliate from Apple. Each time he’ll bring people to the App Store, he’ll get a chance to make money. The be precise, he’ll generally earn 5% from everything people will buy during the 72 hours after being sent there. For instance a user click on the affiliate link of my app, doesn’t buy it, but decides to buy another app on iTunes that will cost $20, then I’ll earn 5% x 20 = $1.

For detailed instruction on becoming an App Store Affiliate, 
visit RedRome.

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